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Ajanta Ellora Cave, Maharashtra

Ajanta Ellora Cave, Maharashtra - Route, Total Cost, and Guide
Ajanta Ellora caves are very popular in the world. There are many mysterious things related to them which make them quite special.

People from all over the world come here to see their stunning temples, statues, and carvings. Let me tell you that the secrets of these temple's secrets have not been revealed to everyone.

It is believed that the construction of these Ajanta Ellora caves and temples is not ordinary. Major scientists from all over the world are still engaged in their research. Let you know one by one why it is the best choice for tourists?

Ajanta Ellora Cave

Ajanta Ellora Cave, Maharashtra
Kailashnath Temple, Ellora Cave

Ellora Cave, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Ellora cave is located near the Aurangabad district in Maharashtra. These Ellora caves are built by cutting a mountain named Charanandari. This Ellora cave is believed to be older than 20,000 years. These Ellora caves are believed to have been built by a king named Shaswat.

There are a total of 34 caves in Ellora caves and 34 temples in these caves. There are 12 Buddhist temples, 17 Hindu temples, and 5 Jain temples.

First Buddhist temples were built and then Hindu temples and finally, Jain temples were built. These Hindu temples have also been a place of pilgrimage for Hindus. There are also many half-incomplete sculptures in these temples, which shows that these Ellora caves are going to be made even bigger.

Ajanta Ellora Cave, Maharashtra
Buddha Temple, Ellora Cave

You will also see one to three-floor temples in this Ellora caves. Due to the change of time, the workmanship of their carvings is getting dull. So if you see them as soon as possible then it will be better.

Let me tell you that the most bizarre of these is the Kailashnath (Shiva) Temple, which is built by digging the mountain from the top to the bottom. And in this Kailashnath temple, there is no trace of any manipulative marks. And hence this Kailashnath temple is also considered to be the most sophisticated engineering of that time.

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In 12 Buddhist temples, you will see meditation places, eateries, and rest places. It contains statues of Apsaras with Lord Buddha. One of these Ellora caves has seven idols of Lord Buddha which state that Lord Buddha incarnates once in 5000 years. And so far Bhagavan Buddha has incarnated 7 times.

Ajanta Ellora Cave, Maharashtra
Jain Temple, Ellora Cave

Along with this, in the remaining 17 temples, there are temples of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, in which there is also an idol of Lord Vishwakarma, who is called the architect of the gods.

As I said the most attractive and mysterious temple is the Kailashnath temple. This is the first temple in the world to be built by digging 200,000 tons of rock below. This single temple has been built in 100 years. Also, in this Kailashnath temple, sculptures and carvings of all the other deities are also found.

The composition of the last 5 Jain temples is much more accurate than the rest of the temples. And they have pillars with very bizarre carvings. There are many temples in these Jain temples whose work is incomplete.

Ajanta Cave, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Ajanta caves also contain a lot of mystery. They have also not been completely revealed. Scientists are still doing research on Ajanta Cave. These caves by the name of Ajanta are famous all over the world. You can also see the Ajanta caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

These Ajanta caves, excavated by very experienced craftsmen till the 7th century, are dedicated to Buddhism. It is a cave series dug in a mountain in Maharashtra.

Tourists from far and wide come here to study these Ajanta caves and see the moment of ancient times. Some people even talk about making them by the aliens in ancient times.

Ajanta Ellora Cave, Maharashtra
Ajanta Caves

There are 29 Buddhist caves. It is near the Vaghori river. Some of these Ajanta caves are even deeper than 100 feet. On the walls of these caves, you will see pictures of the complete information of the Lord Buddha that took place at those times.

Scientists say that cave numbers 9 and 10 may have taken more than 400 years to build. Not all Ajanta caves will be built at once. A gap of a hundred years can be seen in making them.

As I told you that these are Buddhist caves, you will get complete information about Lord Buddha from the pictures and sculptures on the wall.

The construction of Ajanta caves was to propagate the life of Buddha and advertise Buddhism. But when these caves became deserted, then no one knew them. With the passage of time, the images of Buddha's life span along with its sculptures and carvings are getting faded.

Ajanta Ellora Cave, Maharashtra
Inside Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Cave was discovered in 1890 by a man named John Smith who came to visit here with some of his friends. And since then this Ajanta cave has been attracting tourists and scientists.

These Ajanta caves are built by the hole in the mountain. Also, its sculptures and carvings have been made without breaking and adding any partition. If you go here, you will definitely feel some glimpses of ancient times.

The shocking thing is that the mountains on which the Ajanta Ellora caves are built are considered the best places for making a cave. In those days, despite having no machines and tools, these caves have been built in the perfect way.

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