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Auli - Best for Skiing in Uttrakhand

Auli, Uttarakhand - Timing, Total Cost, Review and Total Guide
Friends, if there is heaven on earth. Then Auli is located in Uttarakhand. Auli is also called the heaven of earth. Here you'll enjoy nature completely. While Auli's snowfall attracts lots of tourists to itself in winter. The clear atmosphere and lush green terrain also attract peoples in summer.

Tourists come to Auli for skiing in winter, there is no better place for skiing than this. And there is a rush of tourists to tracking and camping here in the summer season. Tourists are also can learn to ski here with certificates. Which is managed by the government here. And tracking is also doing under the supervision of the government.

Auli, Uttrakhand - Reviews and Guide
Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli, Uttrakhand - Reviews

Auli has been considered the most favorite place of tourists for centuries. Here, you'll get a very relaxed mind by seeing the snow-clad peaks. You also get to see many popular mountains here. Which is Kamet, Nandadevi, Dunagiri, Maan Parvat, and Trishul Parvat are clearly visible.

During the winter season, the Nandadevi mountain is always half-covered by the clouds. And that time visibility significantly decreases in snowfall time. Auli is also considered a sacred place among the 5 Naths like Badrinath and Kedar Nath.

Sun rising is also very popular in Auli. If you see the sun rising from here. You get a lot of peace and your heart will also get relaxed. The procession of the star of the night sky (Milky Way) will also blow your mind.

Auli is 2505 km above sea level and some people may have breathing problems. But with a clean environment, such a problem is much less.

Here you will see lots of cedar trees. Those who spread the fragrance in the winds here. The artificial lake created by the government at this place is also very popular which is called Auli lake.

This lake gets full of ice also in the summertime so that tourists can also ski on this frozen lake. This lake is built at the top of the Auli mountain. This lake dries on its own during the winter season. And in summer rainwater gets accumulated in this lake.

By the way, there is a lot of ice by snowfall in the winter season and the weather is also very pure. But still, the snow falling on the ground, don't try to eat, this can make you sick. Avoid it.

By climbing the hill, your body's energy starts getting decrease quickly. So keep the water bottle with you. In the winter season, if you're not drinking water from time to time. It causes dehydration, which can make you faint or dizzy.

On the hill, you will see small restaurants everywhere, in which you mainly get Maggi and egg toast. You should eat something from time to time to maintain your energy.

Auli, Uttrakhand - Reviews
Auli, Uttarakhand

How to reach Auli, Uttarakhand?

Auli is surrounded by hilly areas of Uttarakhand. To get here you have to go through mountain roads. If you do not have your personal vehicle, then you also can get a bus, car, or bike on rent from Rishikesh.

If you start your journey from Delhi, you will have to travel 492 kilometers. If you want to come by airplane then you have to reach Dehradun Airport. Which is the nearest airport to Auli. And if you want to go to Auli via train then you should reach the Haridwar railway station. Which is the nearest railway station to Auli.

To travel from Dehradun to Auli, you will have to travel 294 kilometers. To reach Auli from Haridwar, you will have to travel 274 kilometers.

First of all, you have to reach Joshimath via Rishikesh road. Which is the name of the city of Auli. There is a good parking facility for bikes, cars, and buses.

This mountainous route is quite well built. This route also takes you to Kedarnath and Badrinath. Let me tell you that this mountainous path runs through the river Ganges. On the way, you will find many villages and cities where you will also find countless hotels and restaurants.

If you do not want to climb on the Auli mountain on foot, then you can also use the chair lift from Joshimath.

This chair lift takes you 4-kilometer to the top of the hill which takes you to the top of Auli. This chair lift is the longest chair lift in Asia. The second chair lift takes you halfway up from the car parking space. If you also want to enjoy walking for a while, then you can also use this small chair lift.

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Auli, Uttrakhand - Reviews
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Best time to visit Auli Uttarakhand

If you are a ski lover or want to enjoy the snow, then you should come here in the month of December to March. Because in these months you will get lots of snow. By the way, you will always see snow in the high hills, but there is no way to go there.

Ski is also taught here. For this, you will have to live here at least for 11 days to 1-month in hotels and resorts. You will see snowfall in January. And in summer you will see the same place of green filled with grass.

If you want to do tracking or camping then you can come in the month of March to June. These days the weather here is slightly hot and the visibility gets more accurate.

Well, you can go camping in winter too, but for this, you should be physically and mentally healthy.

There are also wild animals at this time but Rangers are always stationed for them. You will not be allowed to go to someplace because the movement of animals gets more.

There is a lot of rain here in the month of July to October, due to which the resort is closed. It would be good if you do not go in these months.

Auli, Uttrakhand - Reviews and Guide
Auli, Uttarakhand

Things To Carry during Visit Auli Uttarakhand

Here you should always keep some things with you that you can use in an emergency. First of all, you should always have water bottles. Because of the heavy humidity in the air and dehydration can happen easily. To avoid this, you should drink water from time to time.

During the wintertime you should wear heavy warm clothes as the winter here is more than you think. You must also have tracking shoes and sunglasses with your dress.

Tracking shoes that keep you from getting tired quickly. There is no hurrying pain in your feet and you can walk comfortably on the mountain paths for a long time. As I have already told you that Ouli is 2505 km above sea level. So the amount of ultraviolet light coming out of the sun here is very high, which is not good for your eyes. So you should definitely wear better sunglasses.

You must also keep body lotion because the heavy amount of moisture in the air causes your skin to become very dry. To avoid this, you should apply lotion on your face and hands from time to time.

Always keep a pocket knife with you for tracking and camping. It can be useful at any time and also protects from wild animals.

Also, you can bring a camera with you to capture your moment here. Which will help to save your memories. Let me tell you that you cannot visit this place for a few hours. Auli is spread over a large area.

You must say here for at least one week to enjoy all the places. In such a situation, a power bank is also necessary to keep your mobile charged every time.

Auli, Uttrakhand - Reviews
Auli, Ice Garden

Who can visit Auli Uttarakhand?

Before visiting Auli you must take care of some things. Like you should be physically and mentally healthy. If you are a little sick then you can get more sick here. Due to the hilly terrain, medical facilities are not good here.

For this, you should do at least one month of exercise. And medicines of all needs should be taken with you.

The problem of breathing and heart problems patients should not come here. By the way, the sights attract all the tourists here, but still, due to the latitude being up, such patients can be serious here.

I want to prefer to you all that you should keep some mint toffee. This Mint's Toffy opens your throat and nose so that there is no problem in breathing.

You will feel good when you come to Auli. Write your experience here in the comment section below. Thank you.

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