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Best Places to Visit in Goa

Best Places to Visit in Goa - Route, Timing, Cost, Total Guide
Best Places to Visit in Goa: Goa is the most popular tourist place in India. After coming here, you will feel that you have come to America and another outer country. Because the beaches, mountains, waterfalls are quite beautiful here.

Here you will see the world's best bar, casino, lounge, and party hall. Which you will really like by visiting. It is said that Goa is the most expensive area. But it is not the truth. Let me tell you that there are many such places here where you will get very cheap things.

It is also a good thing for people that you can have a drink at almost all the tourist places of Goa. Beer is also available at all restaurants and you will also see Beer shops on the beaches.

Best Places to Visit in Goa

Best Places to Visit in Goa - Route, Timing, Cost, Total Guide

Arambol Beach Goa

Arambol Beach is also known as a Russian beach. Because here you will see most people from Rasia. Arambol Beach is 35 kilometers far from the Panji (Goa Capital). The special thing about this beach is that lots of people come from outside countries. And this thing increases the beauty of this Arambol Beach Goa.

This Arambol Beach Goa is divided into two parts. Which is the first main beach in which peoples come for the beach. And the other side is Sweet Water Lake. Sweet water lake is a small waterfall that makes a small pond descending from a mountain. Although this waterfall is not very high, still people come to take a bath in this pond. This Sweet Water Lake is 1 km from Main Arambol Beach. Where you can also go on walking.

Best Places to Visit in Goa
Arambol Beach Goa

This beach is as beautiful as the day even more, beautiful at night. Because here people come to the beach to have candlelight dinner. People get so much here at night that this Arambol Beach sparkle arises from the candle. There is a program of rockband everywhere at night.

There is also a market near Arambol Beach where you get both Indian and Western items. I want to tell you that you can also do rafting, paragliding, and horse riding on Arambol Beach.

Here you also will get camps and hotels to stay. Which makes it feel very good. All tourists visiting Goa must visit Arambol Beach. So you should visit Arambol Beach at least once.

Palolim Beach Goa

Palolim Beach is near Butterfly Island and Honeymoon Island which is 70 kilometers far from Panji. It is a very popular beach for adventures. Here you can also see dolphins jumping from the water nearby while rafting in the sea.

Here you can do water rides for only 1500 rupees. And adventures like hiking, rope climbing can be done for only 500 rupees. Here you can see mountains with very dense forests. Which is the best for adventures.

Here are two fantastic islands Butterfly and Monimoon which is in the sea, you can go for only 2000 rupees. Here you will also see foreign people. By the way, Dolphins will be seen on most of the beaches of Goa. But Palolim Beach has more dolphins. Which is very good to watch.

Best Places to Visit in Goa
Palolim Beach Goa

Baga Beach and Calangute Beach Goa

Baga Beach and Calangute Beach are the most popular beaches in Goa. Well, both of them beaches are side by side and located in North Goa. The water of the sea here is very clear. You will also see stones in the waters of Baga Beach which is a great place for photography.

It is a crowded place during the day but also gets more crowded at night. Because here at Baga Beach, Disco and Rockband come to perform all night. Hotels and restaurants here are a bit expensive. And the foods are also is not too tasty. I will recommend that you should take your food and drink with you.

You will feel great by coming here. Because there is a big crowd of foreigners people here. And the size of Baga Beach and Calangute Beach is huge. So here, thousands of people can do a party together.

Best Club in Goa

Friends, Goa has very many Clubs & Bars. Here you will find almost all types of discos, clubs, and bars. Here you will not have any kind of problem. Because it is a tourist place. Everyone talks very well here.

Although there are many club bars here, let me tell you about some of the most popular clubs and bars. Which makes it easier for you to identify.

Best Places to Visit in Goa
Club Cubana

Club Cubana

Club Cubana is located at Arpora Road, Calangute. This club is also called Night Club in the Sky. The entry fee for a couple here is Rs 2000. And if you are single then you can pay 1500 rupees. In which you will also get a drink free.


This club is near Baga beach. This club is also the most popular club in Goa. The crowded increases on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Here you will have to pay for a single person entry fee is Rs 2700 and Rs 2100 for the couple.

Yes, you read it right. Entry feed for a single is expensive than for a couple. Along with this, you will also get drinks and snacks for free. This Tito's Club is open from 9 pm to 3 pm.

LPK Water Front Goa

LPK (Love Passion Karma) Water Front is an awesome club. No single person is allowed here. And it's drinking is also free.

The parties here continue till midnight. So you can have more fun here. Also, multiple types of drinks are available here which are absolutely free.

Best Places to Visit in Goa
LPK Water Front Club Goa


Sinq club is behind Taj Holiday Village. It is a little expensive club. But its quality is much better. Here you can also get expensive drinks which are absolutely free. You only have to pay the entry fee.


The club is located near Anjuna Cliff. This club is on the edge of the sea, so it will make you feel very good. The club remains open till 4 am. If you want to have late-night parties then this NYEX Club will be best for you.

This NYEX Club has three floors as seen on its TV. All floors have different prices. This club is open 365 days.

Leopard Valley Goa

This club is the largest and most popular club in South Goa. 3000 people can do a party together in this club. Here you will get a variety of drinks and food for parties. Along with it a variety of costumes will also be found which makes the part even better. This club is open from October to April.

These clubs & bars are counted among the most popular clubs & bars in Goa. You will feel very happy to come here. Here you can also drink very cheaply. You can spend at least 1500 rupees for their entry.

The casino is also very popular in Goa. In these casinos, you will get all kinds of games. But my experience is you should go to just enjoy the casino, it would be good. Because in the casinos here, people are champions in games. First, they give you a chance to win, then later you will empty your pocket in an instant.

Best Places to Visit in Goa
Deltin Royal Casino Goa

Deltin Royal Casino Goa

Deltin Royal Casino is located in the Panji. This casino is the largest and best casino in Goa. This Deltin Royal Casino is on a large ship. To go to Deltin Royal Casino, you can book tickets online from here. Which you get a little cheaper than offline tickets.

This Deltin Royal Casino entry is from ship to ship. That is floating in the middle of the sea. This casino also has a food court. This Deltin Royal Casino has lottery schemes at all times. Which is absolutely free. In this lottery, you can win from 5000 to 1 lakh rupees.

Casino Pride Goa

Casino Pride is also one of the most popular casinos in Goa. And this too is on a ship floating on the sea. There is also a condition of Casino Pride. And this condition is that you must be at least 21 years of age and along with your formal dress then you will be able to come inside.

Here the entry fee on Casino Pride ranges from 1500 to 2000 rupees. In which you will get some limited drinks and food. Also, you will get some chips to play games.

This Pride casino is mostly related to digital games. Like a digital slot machine. You can play games ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 10,000 here.

Best Places to Visit in Goa
Casino Pride Goa

Chapora Fort Goa

Chapora Fort is located in the Bardez of Goa, which is near Vagator beach. This is the only place in the entire Goa that remains quite peaceful. You cannot hear any kind of noise here. This Chapora Fort is built at a little bit height of a mountain.

To come here, you have to climb the mountain on foot. But after seeing the view from the top, all your tiredness will vanish. Because this is the same place where Dil Chahta Movie was shot.

Here most of the people come to see Sunrise and Sunset. Here you can spend a lot of time in front of the sea below the open blue sky. Here you will not find any kind of food stall or drink shop. Because people come here only to spend a relaxed time. If you went to go Goa but did not go to Chapora Fort, then you could miss the beautiful view of nature.

The right time to visit Chapora Fort is from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. Then the entry of this Chapora Fort is closed.

Dudhsagar waterfall Goa

Friends, if you watch Shahrukh Khan's Chennai Express, you will remember that the train passes through a hilly area. A large waterfall also falls from above. So the Dudhsagar waterfall is the same place. After this film, the Dudhsagar waterfall became quite popular among the people. And it became a Best Tourist Place.

Best Places to Visit in Goa
Dudh Sagar Waterfall Goa

Dudhsagar waterfall is located at Sonaulim in Goa. There is also a railway station of the Dudhsagar waterfall named Dudhsagar railway station. Dudhsagar waterfall is 60 km far from Panji. Dudhsagar waterfall is a waterfall in which the waterfalls from a height of 320 meters.

People come from all over the world to see this beautiful waterfall. Dudhsagar waterfall looks very beautiful and a little scary too. The dense forest around the Dudhsagar waterfall. Here you can also see wild animals. You can come here anytime except for the rainy days.

To come here, you have to take a ticket for 50 rupees. Along with this, a life jacket of 50 rupees will also be available. With which you will not drown in Dudhsagar waterfall. Here you can also do camping, tracking, and rope climbing. You have to carry your food and drink together. Because here you do not find a hotel or restaurant.

You can also book online to come here. In which you will get a pick and drop service from Goa and a guide will also be given for you, which will take you all the places near Dudhsagar waterfall.

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church is in Panjim, the capital of Goa. This church was built in 1854 by the British. So many films have been shot in this Immaculate Conception Church, you must have seen it in many movies as well. This church is the most popular church in Goa. You will also get many hotels and restaurants around this church.

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church

This church on the main road is near the market area. You will not have any problem coming here. Along with this you also get a parking facility here.

All these places are very popular in Goa, whatever I have told you. If you are going to Goa then you must visit these places. I hope this Best Places to Visit in Goa information will help you a lot. Please write the review and experience in the comments below. Thank you

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