Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar – How to Reach, Best Places, All Guide

Do you want to visit Mahabodhi Temple? You need to know how to reach Mahabodhi Temple, nearby places, and all things for your perfect journey

Bodh Gaya is considered to be the oldest and most sacred place of Bihar. In the 11th century B.C. the guru of Buddhism Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. Thousands of people visit this place every day. And most of them are people from outside countries. Bodh Gaya is spread over a large area. In this, along with the Buddhist temple, you will see here more religious places in other countries.

The most sacred thing in Bodh Gaya is the ficus tree under which Mahatma Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. And along with this, a huge 80 feet high statue of  Gautama Buddha is also famous all over the world. This Bodh Gaya is a symbol of peace. Because Mahatma Gautama Buddha spread peace all over the world from here. And they are still worshipped in the country and abroad. Let me give you complete knowledge of Bodh Gaya. You also can get this information in हिंदी.

Peak Season: July
Off-Season: January
Famous for: Oldest Temple
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Price: ₹10,000+
Duration: 24×7

Bodh Gaya Temple - Tourist Guide Hotels and More
Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar

Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar – How to Reach, Best Places, Full Guide

Mahabodhi Temple is located 12 kilometres from the Gaya railway station, Bihar, India. Which is the largest pilgrimage site of Buddhism. A large number of people from all over the world come to visit here.

There are always crowds of devotees who follow Buddhism. Most of them are Nepalese, Chinese, Tibetan, Japanese, etc. People tie the thread on the ficus tree behind Mahabodhi Temples and wish to fulfil their wishes. Because Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment under this ficus tree.

Places You May Know:

  • Rajgir Wildlife Zoo Safari, Bihar
  • Pandu Pokhar, Bihar
  • Kamakhya Devi Temple, Assam

There is a huge statue of Mahatma Gautama Buddha 80 feet high outside the Mahabodhi temple meditating in the park. As you can see in the above picture. And inside the temple is a sleeping idol of Mahatma Gautama Buddha. As you can see in the picture below.

Bodh Gaya Temple - Tourist Guide Hotels and More
Gautam Budha Sleeping Statue – Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar

To maintain peace, Gautama Buddha spread the knowledge he had gained throughout the world. In which he put more emphasis on these four things.

There are four truths given by Mahatma Gautama Buddha.

  1. What are sorrows?
  2. How do sorrows arise?
  3. What is the removal of sorrows?
  4. How do the sorrows end?

The peace prayer plays Kalachakra is a very popular festival here. People from all over the world come to participate in it for their peace of mind. These days there is a huge crowd of tourists. This festival is celebrated every year from 3rd to 14th July.

Bodh Gaya Temple - Tourist Guide Hotels and More
Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar

At this place, you will also see more religious places of all the countries that follow Buddhism. like

All temples list in Bodh Gaya

  1. Tibetan Refugee Market
  2. Thai Monastery
  3. Royal Bhutan Monastery
  4. Brahmayoni Temple
  5. Cankamana
  6. Chinese Temple
  7. Indosan Nippon Japanese temple
  8. Vishnupad Temple
  9. Vietnamese Temple
  10. Dungeshwari Hills
  11. Burmese Vihara Monastery
  12. Sujatha Temple
  13. Daijokyo Buddhist Temple
  14. Animesh Lochana Chaitanya Shrine
Bodh Gaya Temple - Tourist Guide Hotels and More
Monastery near Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar

There are four shrines of Buddhism. Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, Kushinagar, Shravast. By the way, there is a more important religious place in Buddhism. As

All Buddhist Site List in India

  1. Bodh Gaya (Bihar)
  2. Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh)
  3. Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh)
  4. Shravasti (Uttar Pradesh)
  5. Sankasya or Sankassa (Uttar Pradesh)
  6. Rajgir Nalanda (Bihar)
  7. Vaishali (Bihar)
  8. Lumbini (Nepal)
  9. Key Monastery (Himachal Pradesh)
  10. Dalai Lama Temple Complex, Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh)
  11. Tawang Monastery (Arunachal Pradesh)
  12. Rumtek Monastery (Sikkim)
  13. Namdroling Monastery (Karnataka)
  14. Thiksey Monastery (Jammu & Kashmir)
  15. Ghoom Monastery (West Bengal)
  16. Ajanta Caves (Maharashtra)
  17. Bojjannakonda (Andhra Pradesh)
  18. Karla and Bhaja Caves (Maharashtra)

History of Mahabodhi Temple

The Mahabodhi Temple was built by Emperor Ashoka in memory of Mahatma Gautama Buddha. Later Kanishka enhanced it further and decorated it.

In 1205, Khilji ruined this temple. And the ficus tree was also cut down. Under which Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. But King Kanishka again grew this tree. This tree is 4th generation old. And to this day, in February 2020, the tree has grown to 138 years old.

Bodh Gaya Temple - Tourist Guide Hotels and More
Ficus Tree – Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar

Many people cut this tree from the root. But this tree grew itself again and again. If you look carefully, you will see the footprints of GautamBuddha near the tree. Mahatma Gautam Buddha was a great philosopher, reformer, religious guru, founder of Buddhism, and a great man who showed new ways to everyone with his ideas.

11th century B.C. In Gautam Buddha was born on 8 April in Lumbini, Nepal, near Kapil Vastu, in the family of a king Suddhodana. Gautama Buddha has also known as the name of Siddhartha, which was kept by his second mother. Gautam Buddh was married to Yashodhara who also had a son. But later Gautam Buddha abandoned his family to attain enlightenment.
Walking alone in the jungles, he reached Bihar in Gaya district. Here, after 5 years of rigorous penance under a large ficus tree, he attained enlightenment. In this knowledge, along with knowledge of the soul and the world, he also got some supernatural powers.

The local peoples gave this knowledge name as Buddhists. And from then it’s known as Bodh Gaya. And then he became Gautama Buddha from Gautama. That Ficus tree is still the same. As you can see in the picture above. This tree was cut 6 times during the Mughal reign. But this tree grew again. A branch of this tree that gave shade to Gautam Buddha is still kept in the museum of Gaya.

Story of Ungli Maar Gaaku

You must have heard about the finger robber. If you have not heard, I will tell you today. A dunk was living in the same jungle during the time of Buddha’s enlightenment. The robber killed the people and wore their fingers as a garland. The robber also tried to kill Gautam Buddha several times. But he always failed.

Then Gautama Buddha showed to robber the path of truth and freed him from lies, arrogance, and violence forever. Then Gautama Buddha preached Buddhism by going from place to place. In such a situation, Gautam Buddha went to India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tibet, China, Japan, Europe. And preached peaceful Buddhism everywhere.

How to reach Bodh Gaya Temple?

By the way, Bodh Gaya is located in the Gaya district of Bihar. Whether you want to come by aeroplane or train, you will have to come to Gaya first. Because Gaya has both an airport and a railway station.

  • Nearby Bus Stop: Baluakhandha is the nearest bus stop to Bodh Gaya. It is just 48.1 km of distance.
  • Nearby Railway Station: Gaya is the nearest railway station to Bodh Gaya. It is just 12 km of distance.
  • Nearby Airport: Gaya Airport is the nearest airport to Bodh Gaya. It is just 9.4 km of distance.
Bodh Gaya Temple - Tourist Guide Hotels and More
Mahabodhi Temple, Bihar

Hotels Near Bodh Gaya Temple

Bodh Gaya has good accommodation facilities for travellers. Here you will see a little bit of expensive but good hotels. Let me tell you that Bodh Gaya is a tourist place. So obviously, there is no shortage of hotels and resorts here.

Hotels Contact
The Royal Residency ⭐⭐⭐ 07042424242
Hotel Sujata ⭐⭐⭐ 09504440844
Oaks Bodh Gaya ⭐⭐⭐ 06312200019
Maya Heritage ⭐⭐⭐ 06312200071
Hotel Seven Inn ⭐⭐⭐ 07700007775
All these hotels looked very good to me. Therefore, I am suggesting these hotels. Write about your journey in the comment section below. We wish you a pleasant journey. Thank you


Q. Who built Bodh Gaya Temple?
Bodh Gaya Temple was built by King Ashoka in the 3rd century. But this temple was built in the 5th century.
Q. What is the old name of Bodh Gaya Temple?
Bodhimanda-vihāra (Pali) is the previous name of the Bodh Gaya Temple.
Q. What is Bodh Gaya Three?
Bodh Gaya Tree is in Bodh Gaya Temple. Gautam Siddhartha did meditation below this tree.
Q. Is there any hotels to stay in?
Yes, there are so many types of hotels to stay in Bodh Gaya. All the best hotel details are mentioned above.
Q. Where is Bodh Gaya Temple?
Bodh Gaya Temple is located in Gaya which is in south Bihar, India.