10+ Best and Cheap Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023

Do you want to celebrate this Diwali in a new style? You need to know, where are the best places to celebrate Diwali, how to reach there and many more

Diwali is the most important and historical festival in India. It is a single festival in India that is celebrated by people of all religions. Although Diwali is celebrated all over India. But there are some places in India where Diwali is celebrated at the next levels.
If you also want to celebrate this Diwali at the next level, then this post will be very helpful for you. Here I will tell you about the top 10 best places to celebrate Diwali 2023 in India where you would like to celebrate Diwali every year. Before celebrating Diwali, we will know about Diwali, why is Diwali celebrated? With this, we will get to know Diwali better, which will make celebrating Diwali more fun.
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali 2021 in India
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023

Why is Diwali celebrated? – History of Diwali

The history of Diwali is very popular in India. There are many different histories and of Diwali which is prevalent in different regions of India. On the day of Diwali in the past, many big events have been done, due to which Diwali became even more important. Let us know about all one by one.
history of diwali
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
  • Ayodhya – At the time of Tretayuga i.e. Ramayana period, Sri Rama went to live in the forest with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana for 14 years. Then Ravana kidnaps Sita and went to Sri Lanka. Then, when Shri Rama rescued Sita and brought him back to Ayodhya. The citizens of Ayodhya lit lots of lamps in happiness and illuminated the entire Ayodhya. Since then lamps are lit every year on this day. This festival is called Deepawali or Diwali by lighting lamps on this day. This festival is also considered a symbol of the victory of positivity over negativity.
  • South India – In Tretayuga, there was a demon named Narakasura. Which used to bother people a lot. Then Shri Krishna killed Narakasura and freed the people from the dreaded Narakasura. Since then, people have lit lots of lamps for their independence on the day.
  • Hastinapur – In Dwaparyuga, when the five Pandavas came to Hastinapur after winning the war of Mahabharat, the townspeople decorated Hastinapur. This day was also Diwali. And since then the victory of the Pandavas is also celebrated as Diwali.
Apart from this, there are many other stories that tell us the reason for celebrating Diwali. But I did not write here because it is a heard word. Let us know which are the best places to celebrate Diwali 2021 in India. Where you can celebrate Diwali at the next level.

10+ Best and Cheap Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023 – Make Diwali Awesome

10. Pushkar

Pushkar is located near Ajmer in Rajasthan. Pushkar is very famous for Diwali celebrations. This city of Rajasthan is also very famous for its market. which is very decorated on the day of Diwali. Along with this, there is a Brahma Temple in Pushkar. where on this day, the whole city celebrates Diwali together. The view there is quite amazing seeing.
Diwali in Pushkar
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
Pushkar is one of the historical places. You also get lots of shiny dresses, utensils, and decoration items of the royal residence here. And that’s why Pushkar’s market becomes very popular on Diwali. Peoples come from all over the country for shopping in this market.

9. Hampi

Hampi is a city in Karnataka. Which is quite decorated on the day of Diwali. Many temples will be found in Hampi where you can attend many religious programs on Diwali. Hampi is an ancient site and its old name is also kishkindha. With kishkindha you must have understood how it is related to Ramayana. It is said that even today, many diamond pearls are buried under the ground.
Diwali in Hampi
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
Diwali is more important here. And there are many old palaces and monuments which are decorated on the day of Diwali. You must have heard about your Tenali Rama. Who used to live here. On Diwali, there you will see a huge crowd of other countries tourists. Diwali has different fun in this sparkling city.

8. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is very famous for its desert which is located in Rajasthan. But here Diwali has to celebrate its own style. Because on the day of Diwali in Jaisalmer, the entire city lights up with light. You get to see a lot of historic places here. Those are decorated and brightened on the day of Diwali.
Diwali in Jaisalmer
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
In Jaisalmer, you will get to see a lot of tourists who come to see the program only on Diwali. There are many types of events on Diwali. And a big fair is also organized in which you can also watch the camel show as well as can also ride on the camel. You will also see Folk music playing everywhere. Here, folk singers are seen performing in many places. You can also shop for Rajasthani dresses, utensils, and decoration items in the market here.

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7. Mysore

Mysore is the most famous city in Karnataka. Mysore is also a historical place that belongs to the history of 1600. Here you can see many types of historical monuments. Mysore is also heavily decorated on Diwali. A big fair is organized here in which millions of people come to celebrate Diwali.
Diwali in Mysore
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
The Mysore Palace here is quite popular which sparkles a lot during Diwali. You will never feel like going back here. Here too, you can buy many types of things in the market and also you can enjoy many types of food in hotels and restaurants here.

6. Mumbai ( Marine Drive )

In Mumbai, Marine Drive is considered to be the best place to celebrate Diwali. Marine Drive is a beach that shines quite brightly on Diwali. Millions of people come here to celebrate Diwali. Here you can also enjoy beautiful fireworks.
Diwali in Mumbai
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
This beach is in a very residential area, so here you will have a very different feel. There is no restriction on burning crackers here. You can celebrate Diwali quite well even by sitting calmly on Marine Drive. Celebrating Diwali while sitting in the cool breeze of the sea and enjoying street food is quite relaxing.

5. Goa

Goa has always been the most popular place of celebration. Here you find many discos and clubs in which there is a good arrangement for Diwali celebrations. Some peoples also like to celebrate Diwali on the beach of Goa. There are also lots of beach parties in Goa which shines quite a lot on Diwali. Along with this, Goa is also very famous for shopping.
Diwali in Goa
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
There are many casinos in Goa that are crowded on Diwali. Millions of people come here to try their luck in casinos. In Goa, you can see huge effigies of Narakasura burning like Ravana. And the effigies here are quite big. In Goa, you will see many DJs everywhere. In which people are always dancing. These DJs are free, anyone can enjoy it. Goa is one of the best places to celebrate Diwali and other festivals.

4. Kolkata

Kolkata is very famous for Diwali. Because Durga Puja is also celebrated here which is celebrating a month before Diwali. And the city of Kolkata is decorated from Durga Puja to Diwali. Durga Puja is the most important festival of Bengalis. And because of this, both Durga Puja and Diwali are famous in Kolkata.
Diwali in Kolkata
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
Here you will see huge idols of Goddess Durga at many places. And religious programs are also held everywhere. This city keeps shining from Durga Puja to Diwali and that is why Diwali of Kolkata is called One Month Diwali. Ras Gulla a type of sweet is very popular in Kolkata, which gives a lot of variety of such sweets on Diwali. Shopping here is also very popular. People like to buy Bengali customs.

3. Jaipur

Jaipur is the most famous city of Rajasthan which is also known as Pinkcity. Because Jaipur is directly connected with Indian history. Here you will see many palaces and forts which are seen shining in Diwali. In Jaipur, you will listen to Folk music playing everywhere. By listening to such music, you can feel the culture here.
Diwali in Jaipur
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
The market of Jaipur is famous all over India. Millions of people from local and abroad come here for shopping on the day of Diwali. You can come to the Nahargarh Fort to enjoy Jaipur’s fireworks. This Nahargarh Fort being on a hill, you can see the entire shining Jaipur city from here. And you can also enjoy fireworks happening in Jaipur city.

2. Amritsar

Diwali in Amritsar is quite popular due to its Golden Temple. By the way, the Golden Temple is seen shining every night. But this brightness increases by 100 times on Diwali. It seems that the entire Golden Temple is made of pure gold. On Diwali, millions of people come to celebrate Diwali at the Golden Temple.
Diwali in Amritsar
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
In 1619, Guru Hargobind Singh was released from prison. And the day of his release was also a Diwali day. Also in the year 1577, Golden Temple started to be built. And this day was also the day of Diwali. So in this way Diwali is considered very important for Punjabis. So you must have understood what preparation will be done in Amritsar on Diwali. You can also enjoy fireworks at the Golden Temple. There are frequent fireworks here.

1. Varanasi (Banaras / Kashi)

If you ask me which is the best place in the world to celebrate Diwali, then I will say Varanasi, which is also known as Banaras and Kashi. Because there are two Diwali celebrations here. First is a regular Diwali which is celebrated all over India at the same time. And the second Diwali is celebrated only in Varanasi which is called Dev Diwali.
Diwali in Varanasi
Best Places to Celebrate Diwali in India 2023
It is said that God himself comes to Varanasi to celebrate Diwali. Dev Diwali is celebrated 15 days after regular Diwali. And these whole 15 days Varanasi is kept shining like gold. Religious programs are held here everywhere.
Celebrating Diwali on the banks of the Ganges is a unique feeling in itself. Because in Varanasi, lamps are also lit on the Gange’s water. With this, people come from abroad to shop in Varanasi. The market here is also famous all over India. I have gone to all these places, but Varanasi has a different feel.

Diwali Facts

  • Do you know? People burnt lots of crackers in India on Diwali every year. Which is worth rupees of 6000 crores. I would like to tell you that in this amount every person in India can eat a meal for a year in 6000 crores.
  • Secondly, 25,000 crores of shopping are done every year on Diwali in India. These include clothing, utensils, gifts, furniture, and electronics items.
Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article. Don’t forget to write about your experience in the comments below. You can ask anything about travelling here.