Pandu Pokhar Rajgir – Ticket Price, Timings, Activities, Location

Do you want to visit Pandu Pokhar Rajgir? Know how to reach Pandu Pokhar Rajgir, timings, ticket price, Things to do, and more with full guide

If you are looking for a good place to celebrate your holidays in Bihar then the Pandu Pokhar will be the best place for you. Here you can spend a good time with your family and friends in a peaceful environment. You can also do some fun sports activities as well.
If you want to visit Pandu Pokhar then you should have some information. Like how to reach Pandu Pokhar? When should you go? And what is the ticket price and how to book the tickets online? Also here we will completely guide you to visiting Pandu Pokhar. You can reach this information in हिंदी also.

Peak Season: June
Off-Season: November
Famous for: Fun Activities
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Price: ₹250
Duration: 15 Hours

Pandu Pokhar Rajgir - Ticket Price, Timings, Activities, Location
Pandu Pokhar, Rajgir

Pandu Pokhar, Rajgir – Full Guide

Rajgir is a very holy place for Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. Jainism and Buddhism started here. Along with this, some important events of Mahabharata also took place in Rajgir. One of these is this Pandu Pokhar. Today, apart from boating, many fun activities are also done here.
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Pandu Pokhar is a historical park as well as an Amusement park. This park is a bit expensive, but it is a value for money place. Pandu Pokhar is the best place to celebrate a picnic with friends and family amidst the beautiful mountains in the serene surroundings of Rajgir.
Pandu Pokhar Rajgir Activities
Pandu Pokhar Rajgir Activities

Pandu Pokhar Activities

Pandu Pokhar is very popular for sports activities. You can do many fun activities here. There is also a complete arrangement for children here. All these activities are free but for this, you have to buy only one ticket. There are many types of tickets, which include different types of activities.
Fun Activities    
1. Trampoline 2. Bouncy 3. Bull Ride
4. Football 5. Indoor Basketball 6. Selfie Point
7. Children’s Play Zone 8. Cricket 9. Horse Kidding
10. Shooting 11. Table Soccer 12. Carrom
13. Zip Line 14. Bungee Jumping 15. Boating
16. Air Hockey 17. Pool Table 18. Burma Bridge
19. Dart Board 20. Chase  
Special Activities    
1. Horse Riding 2. Zorbing 3. Private Boating
4. Dubble Paddle Cycle    

Pandu Pokhar History

The history of Rajgir is as old as the Mahabharata period. Along with this Jainism and Buddhism also started here. As the name Pandu Pokhar suggests, this pond is associated with the Pandus of Mahabharata. Pandu was the name of the father of the Pandavas.
Pandu Pokhar Pandu Statue
Pandu Pokhar Pandu Statue
It is believed that when King Pandu attacked Rajgriha, this place started making pits with the hooves of horses. In such a situation, the rainwater kept accumulating here continuously. and took the form of a pond. Which is known today as Pandu Pokhara.

Pandu Pokhar Ticket Price

Ticket Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
(Golden Band)
Entry + Fun Activities
Special Activities +
Lunch / Hi-Tea
₹999 ₹1199
(Silver Band)
Entry + Fun Activities
Special Activities
₹600 ₹800
(Yellow Band)
Entry + Fun Activities
₹250 ₹300
(Green Band)
Entry + Boating
₹100 ₹120
(White Band)
₹80 ₹100
Food Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Lunch ₹800 ₹1000
Hi-Tea/Snacks ₹200 ₹300

How to Reach Pandu Pokhar, Rajgir?

  • Nearest Bus Stop: Rajgir Bus Stop is the nearest bus stop to Pandu Pokhar. It is just 1.9 km of distance.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Rajgir Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Pandu Pokhar. It is just 2.7 km of distance.
  • Nearest Airport: Gaya Airport is the nearest airport to Pandu Pokhar. It is just 68.3 km of distance.

Best Time to Visit Pandu Pokhar

Pandu Pokhar is the best place for summers. But you can also come here in winter. This amusement park built amidst beautiful lush green mountains remains very cool in summer. And in winter, thousands of people come here every day to sunbathe. Pandu Pokhar opens at 7:30 am. and closes at 10:30 at night.
Pandu Pokhar Rajgir
Pandu Pokhar, Rajgir


Q. Where is Pandu Pokhar?
The full address of Pandu Pokhar is Veerayatan Road, Rajgir, Dst. Nalanda, Bihar 803116, India.
Q. Why is Pandu Pokhar famous?
Pandu Pokhar is a Historical place that is linked to Mahabharata. Along with this Pandu Pokhar is also very famous for fun and sports activities.
Q. Is there mobile or camera is allowed in Pandu Pokhar?
Yes, you can bring your mobile phones and cameras with you and you can take photos and videos everywhere without any permission.
Q. Is Pandu Pokhar is the best place for couples?
Yes, if you want to spend a good time with your partner in a silent place (far from rush) then Pandu Pokhar is the best place for couples.
Q. Which Band is good?
If you don’t want to do sports activities then Yellow Band is good. With this band, you can roam everywhere in the park and you can do boating also.