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How to Travel for Free - No Cost, No Hidden Charges, Absolutely Free just read term and conditions is giving you a chance to travel with us for free. In this, No single amount will not be taken from you. Just you have to follow the rules given below. Hurry, you're getting late.


Congratulations, you are eligible to travel with us for free. If you want to go on a beautiful journey with us for free, then you have to follow a simple step. As we are Indians, we will take you to any beautiful place in India.

travel for free

How to travel for free?

This is so simple. You will have to share the posts from our website on social media platforms and send the shared links to us. with the recommended format. We will check all the links carefully. If you have shared more posts than others. Then you will get a chance to travel a long and beautiful journey with us which is absolutely free.

travel for free

If you win, then you will be given the names of any 5 beautiful places in India. Out of them, you have to choose one place. Then we will take you to that place. After this, we will give you a date. You have to come to our office on that date. Where your journey will starts. Which will be absolutely free. We will discuss further details by mail, so please keep the focus on your inbox.

The winner will be announced once a year. And, the winner's name and photo will be highlighted on our website on the first date of every December. For more details contact us here.

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Recommended Format

Your Name
Your Mobile Number
Your Email 
Your Desired Places, like: Hill Station, Heritage Site, Beach, Safari, Tropical, etc. 

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Q. Can we share a single post two or more times?
Yes, you can share a single post for multi times.

Q. What if, I want to travel in foreign?
No, We can only get you traveling in India.

Q. What happens if I couldn't reach your office on time?
If this happens, you will lose your journey.

Q. What if I don't like any of the 5 places you have given?
If this happened, we will give you another 5 places. Which will be totally different.

Q. What happens if you didn't respond to me?
We will respond to you if you won this contest.